The brick, neo-classical Rogers Hotel building in located in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia.

Rogers Fireproof Hotel

Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia

The brick, neo-classical Rogers Hotel building in downtown Wheeling opened its doors for business in 1915 (The Hotel Monthly, October 1915). The hotel was designed by architect Edward Bates Franzheim. It opened with 75 rooms, with every room containing either a tub or shower. Advertising itself ad fireproof was once a unique selling point for travelers looking for a safe night’s rest, with Rogers Hotel claiming itself as “The first and only fireproof hotel in the United States giving a room with a private bath for $1.00.” (The Hotel Monthly, February 1916). The landmark building has been described by Sean Patrick Duffy in his book Wheeling as “infamously fireproof, perpetually abandoned, yet seemingly indestructible, oft sold and resold, at once recognizable and, at the same time, an inexplicable eyesore.”