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Country scene including a barn, farm, an abandoned pickup truck and a mountain in the background; located in the town of Lexington, Greene County, New York.

Lexington Barn

Lexington, Greene County

This peaceful country scene can be found in the town of Lexington in the southwest section of Greene County, New York. The town of Lexington is home to several small hamlets including Bushnellsville, Lexington, Spruceton and West Kill. Historical maps also reference other hamlets that are now all but gone including Broad Street Hollow, Mosquito Point and North Lexington. The town, lying entirely within the borders of the Catskills State Park, is home to four of the highest peaks in the Catskills including 3,88o-foot West Kill Mountain, 3,680-foot Rusk Mountain, 3,610-foot North Dome Mountain and 3,540-foot Sherill Mountain.

Given the mountainous terrain and thick second growth native forest, much of the township’s development has always been sparse. On the cultivated land, once estimated at around 1/3 of Lexington’s land, dairy farming once played a significant role in the local economy. Popular products, including butter and soft cheeses such as cream cheese and cottage cheese, were manufactured locally for shipment to larger markets. However, with the growing industrialization of farming, Lexington’s rural country farms simply could not compete. Like the many Catskills industries before it such as tanneries and boarding houses, Lexington dairy farming entered a long period of decline.

For a great overview of Lexington’s cultural, natural and industrial history, be sure to check out the Historic Resources Survey for the Town of Lexington written by Jessie A. Ravage, which was published in December 2015.