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Photograph of the early morning in the hamlet of Phoenicia, located in the town of Shandaken of Ulster County, New York.

Main Street, Phoenicia

The hamlet of Phoenicia is located in the town of Shandaken of Ulster County, New York. It is home to a number of nice lodging options and restaurants, as well as being a great base location from which to enjoy all that the Catskills have to offer.

In 1918, T. Morris Longstreth wrote in his book titled The Catskills about his impressions of Phoenicia, impressions that remain true to this day.

"If the Mountain House is the eye of the Catskills, the Overlook the brow, Windham the lungs, and Slide Mountain the heart, then Phoenicia is the nerve center. It lies at the cross-roads of Nature, and as sung in its valleys as a moth in the muff. For merchantry it should be a strategic place to live. Every motorist who comes up the Esopus Valley from Kingston, or down the Esopus from the west, every traveler whose traffic delights the eye or dusts the nose of sellers of wares, must bisect Phoenicia. Yet, in a place where money is being made the people did not impress me as mere money-changers. Phoenicia has kept decent. She has not run to greenbacks at the expense of every other sentiment. She has been given a beautiful nest by Nature, and she has kept it sweet-smelling. Her stores are clean, her outsides painted, her bit of the earth keeps its charm."