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Historic Catskills stereoview by William England taken during his 1859 tour of the United States.

#58 Kauterskill Chasm, Catskill Mountains.

Kauterskill Chasm, Catskill Mountains.
“To where the bank opposing showed
Its huge square cliffs and shaggy wood,
One prominent above the rest,
Reared to the sun its pale grey breast;
Around its broken summit grew,
The hazel rude and sable yew;
A thousand varied lichens dyed
Its waste and weather-beaten side,
And round its rugged basis lay,
By time or thunder rent away,
Fragments that from its frontlet torn,
Were mantled now by varied thorn.”–Scott

Source: England, William, photographer. Kauterskill Chasm, Catskill Mountains. [London? or New York?: London Stereoscopic Company, Publisher] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.