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Historic Catskills stereoview by William England taken during his 1859 tour of the United States.

#61 Forest Scene, Catskill Mountains.

Forest Scene, Catskill Mountains.
“A ramble, or, as might properly, be said, a scramble amid the varied scenes on the Catskill mountains, is a thing to be felt and remembered. Their ever-changing features, and the sublimity of their aspect, strike home to the heart, and sink deep into the soul. In after-times, although one may speak of their beauties, and extol with graphic effect the scenes with which they abound, ‘tis impossible to convey by words alone, a just idea of their attractions. ‘Tis only amid the scenes themselves, that one can be fully awakened to their impressive grandeur and extent.

When to the city’s crowded streets,
The fiercest spells of summer come,
Then for they calm and cool retreats,
Sweet Catskill may the wanderer roam.

Then may he seek thy guardian haunts,
They quiet streams, they shady tree,
And, while the world around him pants,
From all oppression find him free.”

Source: Author’s Collection.