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Quiet Morning

Quiet Morning

Wallkill River, Rifton

This quiet morning scene was taken along the Wallkill River near Perrrine’s Bridge in Rifton, New York. Native Americans knew the Wallkill River area as "Twischsawkin", meaning the land where plums abound. The headwaters of the Wallkill River flow from Lake Mohawk in Sparta, New Jersey and the river continues for over 88 miles to its confluence with the Rondout Creek south of Kingston. It is a unique river in that it flows from south to north and that it is a river that flows in to a creek. It is known for great fishing, particularly smallmouth bass, walleye and carp.

The name Wallkill is derived from two sources. The first, i.e. “Wall”, is likely from Joseph Walling, an early settler in the area. The second, i.e. “kill”, often prompts the question: why is the term “kill” in the name for such a beautiful location as the Wallkill River? The term originated from the Dutch word “kille”, meaning “riverbed” or “water channel”. Today, “kill” is taken to mean creek, stream or river. Therefore, strangely enough, saying Wall-kill River is like saying the Wall-River River. An oddity of language for sure. The term “kill” is still used in historically Dutch influenced areas of the New York and New Jersey region, which includes the area in and around the Wallkill River.