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Vintage postcard photograph by Bob Wyer of Horseshoe Bend, Rip Van Winkle Trail, Catskill Mountains, N.Y.

Horseshoe Bend, Rip Van Winkle Trail, Catskill Mountains, N.Y.

Greene County

The famed Horseshoe Bend is located along Route 23A in the northern Catskills as it takes travelers from Palenville to Haines Falls. At the horseshoe bend, the road passes beautiful Bastion Falls, which also serves as the beginning of the Kaaterskill Falls trail. Route 23A has been known as the Rip Van Winkle Trail.

Bob Wyer is one of the most prolific photographers in the history of the Catskills. His photographic career included shooting just about everything, such as passport photos, chauffer licenses, hunting licenses, high school yearbooks, formal portraits, special occasions such as birthdays and weddings, young babies, local stores, hotels and businesses, accidents, insurance claims, crime scenes, landscapes, parades and local news events. There was nothing that Bob couldn’t and wouldn’t photograph. Upon his retirement, Bob donated his extensive collection of over 150,000 photos to the Delaware County Historical Association. The collection is a virtual time capsule of the region from the late 1930s to the 1970s.