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Photographer E. C. Riggs operated a photographic “ambrotype” gallery from 1856 to 1859 at the village of Delhi in Delaware County, New York.

E. C. Riggs, Delhi, NY

Photographer: E. C. Riggs
Location: Delhi, Delaware County, New York
Year: 1857

"Latest News! Awful Doings in Kansas!!

E. C. Riggs, Ambrotypist, WOULD say to his friends and the public, that he is permanently established in this village, and invites the patronage of all who want GOOD PICTURES. A new stock of Cases just received and selling off with a rush. Likenesses inserted in Lockets, & c.

Now, when in health, is the time to secure portraits of yourselves or friends. Pictures taken in cloudy weather as well as at any time.

Maple Sugar, Eggs, & c., taken in exchange for Pictures, at market prices.

Rooms over Elwood's Store. Delhi, March 10, 1857."

E. C. Riggs was an “Ambrotype Artist” at the village of Delhi in Delaware County, New York for four years from 1856 to 1859.