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Vintage postcard by photographer Bob Wyer of the village of Stamford and the surrounding mountains.

View from Mt. Utsayantha

The village of Stamford is located in Delaware County, New York. For its formerly prospering resort and tourist industry the village was marketed as the “Queen of the Catskills.” Interestingly the village is partly located within the town of Stamford and partly located in the town of Harpersfield.

Stamford is home to 3,214-foot Mount Utsayantha which is open to the public for hiking, hang gliding, picnicking and camping. On the summit is a 60-foot tall fire tower that offers commanding 360-degree views. The tower was constructed in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Legend, of which there are multiple, varying versions, has it that the mountain takes its name from an Indian princess, Utsayantha, daughter of Chief Ubiwachah, who tragically took her own life after the death of her child. She was reportedly buried on the mountain.

The postcard was published by famed photographer Bob Wyer. The postmark on the reverse side shows that it was mailed in 1980.