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Vintage postcard by photographer Bob Wyer of the Onteora Trail (Route 28) as it enters the hamlet of Phoenicia in Ulster County, New York.

Onteora Trail, Route 28, entering Phoenicia, N.Y.

The hamlet of Phoenicia is located on the Esopus Creek along Route 28 in Ulster County, New York. In 1948, with a new law sponsored by New York State Senator Arthur H. Wicks and signed by New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, the Onteora Trail name was given to the beautiful section of Route 28 as it winds its way through the central Catskills from Kingston to Margaretville. The highway “trails” through the mountains were created as part of marketing campaigns to encourage travelers to visit the attractions and accommodations of the region. Onteora can be translated to “Land in the Sky.”

The postcard photograph was taken by Bob Wyer. It was never mailed.